My Mission to Quit Sugar

This article has been originally published on   I am health-conscious, but that doesn’t imply that I will read random articles or follow the latest fad diet blindly (Read about various Fad… Continue reading

10 Things To Do For A Foodie In Uttarakhand

When you are in Uttarakhand, Dev Bhoomi of India, all you can hear are the ringing bells of temples, chirping of birds, gushing of the meandering river streams across the valley. Serenity, peace,… Continue reading

My everyday success depends on her!

She is the reason behind my everyday success and if she doesn’t turn up one day my whole schedule goes for a toss. No clients call, no write ups and no social media… Continue reading

Am I a celebrity now – Maybe!

Have I become a celebrity? Oh Yes !! At least after seeing this Video shoot for houseparty by Team Plattershare you would think I have. Even if you don’t think, At least I… Continue reading

Your Dream Cup Of Coffee And Smart Kitchen Solutions

The first ray of sunlight falls on the earth marking a new beginning, a new world to explore, a new fantasy to live…..errrrrrr. Wait, do these lines sound more like surreal write-ups from… Continue reading

Meet Miss Chatori – The Pani Puri Princess

Hello “Taste pe Attke” (Hooked on taste) foodies. It was a beautiful sunny day of Bangalore and I was waiting for a kind auto driver who could drop me to my destination without… Continue reading

Write, write and write – that’s how I fight

Issue # 4 – Do you forget everything? Picture this. Light goes off (electricity to be more precise) and it’s just the two of us – me and my husband 🙂 How romantic…..… Continue reading

A Date With Chocolate!!

Aroma of roses filled the air, Love and romance was steaming up the weather and I was dazzling and admiring myself in front of the mirror to meet my blind date @Hilton Bangalore. The pre-valentines… Continue reading

To Mom, With Love!

Hey! Look you are here again. Reading my blog anxiously, today I am feeling emotional and nostalgic. Mom! I am home. Wherever you go, whatever you do one thing which you will miss… Continue reading

Cooking and my morning blues

Ho Shuru Har Din Aise Ho Shuru Har Pal Aise. Let every day begin like this, Let every moment begin like this – A happy moment (I bet you sang these lines) Issue… Continue reading