Kitchen Calling !!!

I felt great! I know so many recipes and give random cooking tips to my friends who think I cook very well, read food magazines, have joined various food networking groups on FB and can satisfy my husband’s hunger for good food. But one day as I was entering my kitchen, I felt as if all the utensils, my colorful dabbas(No idea why I bought them), refrigerator, LPG cylinder, microwave  and that ugly looking mop shouted on me “You misuse us to make good dishes”  and I had to agree  🙂

  • LPG cylinder exploded and asked – Do you know which LPG cylinder is lying in your kitchen and there is a gas cylinder act announced by govt of India?
  • Fruits tweeted – “Do you know the nutritional value of each fruit and vegetable lying naked in your refrigerator and how long they should be kept before they get spoiled”?
  • Bottled can poked me – “Do you know how pure is your bottled water as you boast off that  you drink “Bisleri always”?
  • Snacks hissed – “Your kitchen is filled with snacks like aloo bujia, Tiger biscuit, Tata tea, Kissan tomato ketchup, how is all this prepared and distributed”?
  • Garbage bag gave me an ugly look  and said “Your whole kitchen is so unorganized,Do you dispose off  the waste properly or just dump everything in the black garbage bag and then complain that the streets are so dirty”?

Oh God!! Even my mom has never scolded me so much, as much as my kitchen  fired back.
. And I took a resolution to say thanks to everything in my kitchen, know about them be it recipes, cooking tips or  fruits and vegetables. It’s a story of snacks and kitchen gadgets, Would love to share my kitchen experience and wait for your replies about how do you feel when you enter your kitchen?
Are you ready to explode (check the LPG cylinder) and explore your kitchen with Kirti..Stay tuned, till then Happy KUKing!!!!