The Magic Rolling Pin – A True Inspiration

Meeting my favorite chef - MasterChef Vikas Khanna

Meeting my favorite chef – MasterChef Vikas Khanna

Jugnu loves to cook & with his golden belan, he makes perfect round rotis. All his friends envy and mock at him. One day Jugnu loses his golden belan and he thinks he can never cook again. He is scared, feels lost but then his granny says that the magic is not in the rolling pin but in our hearts. With strong will power you can do anything in the world. Such a small yet inspiring story.

This inspirational story is the latest creation of Master Chef Vikas Khanna, who is goodwill ambassador of SMILE Foundation and is determined to bring smiles on the faces of the  kids whose rolling pin is lost.

I got this golden opportunity to meet such a humble person on one of the lunch occasions organized by “Hilton Embassy Golf Links” Bangalore and heard him reciting this simple yet motivational story.

So true – small things like rolling pin  though insignificant in our day to day life but are so important, without which we cannot think of making round and perfect rotis.

Similarly we have so many important things in our life but are easily forgotten I thought to pay my tribute to “The rolling pin” which is lying in one of the drawers of my kitchen but without it I cannot serve the meals to my family and see the happiness and  satisfaction.

With this rolling pin, My memory flashed back when my granny used to sit in front of the earthen Chulha and roll chapatis for us. All  kids used to run around her asking for more but now all of  us have grown and flown to far lands in search of Roti, Kapada ,Makkan and so called identity, We just call her sometimes but never sit next to her and ask to make those  perfect round rotis and a day will come when she will never be able to make rotis for us.

This small rolling pin is an important factor to bind our families’ together. Its time to  realize the importance of insignificant . All those small moments only will fill your live with happiness. Happy KUKing.

” Roll,Roll, Roll the Round Roti”

O – Rolling pin don’t make me moti

If U miss Ur granny somewhere

And find Ur eyes filled with tear

Don’t just go and drink Beer

Call her & say I love you Dear”