I miss her – My maid


A home without a maid … Can you imagine?

Issue #1 Maids – “Most admired in dreams”
Rarest spices of all, very difficult to find and that’s why we always have a hidden desire to get a good one. If your husband is late or doesn’t come home one day, “Chalta hai” but if your maid doesn’t enter the house, it’s an “apshagun” (Evil) and becomes Aaj Tak News, a topic of debate and discussion for which even Arnab Goswami  fails to find the answer. Nation would really want to know how did you handle the situation, stress and frustration? A panel of Gossip aunties would be set at either vegetable seller’s shop or whatsapp to discuss the severity of the situation, which is no less than tsunami.

How do you feel?

I am sure the first thing which you would do is to call your husband who is busy in a meeting discussing a million dollar project and  he would freeze after hearing this devastating news. It would start like this, “ Arey pata hai aaj maid chutti maar gayi, hey bhawaan kya karu mai( Hey, Today maid has not turned up, oh god don’t know what should I do now !! ) Poor husband who is shocked to hear this news would start praying. Areeeee….Was he discussing the million dollar project , Who cares? Mean while you give 100 missed call to her number even though the reply is same every time.


So what do you do in this situation? Well Frankly speaking I don’t have an answer, you can’t fire her. So take a deep breath, Do “Kapal bharti” for few times, pray to god and read some motivational quote like “You can’t change the world but can change yourself. Life is about the change, so for a change pick up the broom and start cleaning….

Lesson of the Day: 

If someone says “Mere pass Bangla hai, Gadi hai tumhare pass kya  hai , your reply should be “Mere pass Maid hai” . Dedicated to all lovely maid:

 Maids are made in heaven

Pray for their well being every morning at seven.

If you get your Miss right

Your life will fly like a kite else it’s a complete fight.

Do leave your frustration in my comment box when maids doesn’t turn up and stay tuned for my next blog …. Enjoy the hurricane in the house!!