Am I not educated now? ..Yes, I left my job.


I call myself highly educated (have a few degrees to hang on my Social media profiles), well deserved with a rewarding career and suddenly I decide to quit everything because I have to take care of my baby. I become an “ordinary” housewife and then? After sometime should I regret my own decision? Should I start thinking that all my education, certificates, degrees and performance ratings are waste? Should I become frustrated and depressed? But why? Didn’t  I make a choice to bring a soul on this earth, didn’t I want to go through all those hormonal changes counting each day for 9 months to reach the final day and bear all that pain to bring my creation into this world? I  had a choice in the first place but I decided,  then  how come somebody’s  Facebook status of “Promotion at Job” or “Vacation at Bali” bothers me so much that I start feeling all my education is waste, worthless and I’m sitting at home doing nothing. Is job, money and social status the only parameter to define how educated I am?

I feel that education is not all about getting degrees and getting a job. These are just a part of the man-made education system. Education liberates us and our thought process. Education is as much about giving as it is about learning. When God created human beings or any other species on this earth, the main purpose was to reproduce and evolve into more adaptable, diverse and intelligent (read: educated) beings. It’s we who created jobs, money and all these other things to be socially acceptable. These are required in today’s world, yes I agree, but when we have spent 20 years of our life just to get one degree (All thanks to our education system which still needs to be liberated), approx. 5- 10 years on our career before we reach a stage where we want to “settle down” (So- called), then when it comes to raising kids why do we want to get back to work as quickly as possible. I have nothing against any working mom, it’s the choice which they make and they should be happy that they are able to manage it  well (its required in many cases and is impossible to leave the job, Kudos to those mums who do this)  but if you have left your job for your kids  then appreciate your decision. Life is beyond a 9 – 5 job. Unfortunately our society has set this as the criteria for happiness, empowerment and social equality.

Sometimes it’s good to sit back and relax and see our kids grow, and here our education (not our degree) would help them to grow as better human beings. The sole reason for our existence.

It’s our life and the choice which we make should make us happy about. Just go and hug your kid while she is sleeping. Believe me heaven cannot be better than this, and job ….who cares?

Job should give you satisfaction but should not be the sole reason for your living and if it’s becoming the reason for your frustration it’s good to say “I QUIT”.

If you feel that one degree proves that you are educated and there is nothing more to learn, Think again….Are you completely educated?

Don’t take life so seriously,

Because it’s so joyful and lovely.

Education is all about liberation,

Helps you to reach your final destination.

Learn to live, live to learn

who knows when god calls us and it’s our turn.