A Date With Chocolate!!


Aroma of roses filled the air, Love and romance was steaming up the weather and I was dazzling and admiring myself in front of the mirror to meet my blind date @Hilton Bangalore. The pre-valentines days has its own importance and flavor as it marks the beginning of this love festival. Dressed in simple white top I headed toward my destination and there I met – My love Chocolates. It was sunny yet chill winter afternoon of Bangalore – basically a perfect setting to meet someone and I was thrilled to meet my blind date – the aromatic, delicious and soul–soothing chocolates. I felt as if I was on seventh heaven.

“Date with chocolate – Choco Trail” a yummilious event was organized  by Hilton Bangalore in association with Holiday IQ with the idea of bringing the essence and  adventure of travelling on the dining table in form of food and what better it can be than chocolate.

Chef pâtissier Roshan and Executive Chef Anirban have put their heart to create these exclusive range of chocolates which have  never been created before.

I was blind-folded and asked to taste them as they arrived on my table one by one. History of chocolate and its mind blowing trail to present day chocolate is even more fascinating.

From Valrhona (being the most costly Chocolate) to our favorite Lindt  all were used to create these delicacies.

Based on the traveler theme, they were named as “Discoverer, Forester, City slicker, World traveler and Luxury. I was amazed to taste how vodka, rosemary, magic pops and avocado were used together and it completely made a unique combination.

I relished each bite of it. The goodness of Chocolate, in its completely new avatar filled my soul.

Thus ended my sweet date with chocolate. What better can I ask for to start my Valentines Week!!! Thank you Holiday IQ and Hilton Bangalore for providing me this chocolaty opportunity. Waiting and wanting more!!!