Write, write and write – that’s how I fight

Am I Ghajini?

Am I Ghajini?

Issue # 4 – Do you forget everything?

Picture this. Light goes off (electricity to be more precise) and it’s just the two of us – me and my husband 🙂 How romantic….. Really???

Did you pay the electricity bill – he asks and I bang my head on the wall while searching for the candle. Oh No! I forgot. After my baby’s birth, looks like my brain cells are reducing slowly and I have a hard time remembering stuff. Doctor’s appointments, online bill payments, my house keys, wallet, driving license, medicines, my phone and what not sometimes I forget to brush my hair….and teeth.

Oh God, what’s happening to me? My memory used to be photographic perfect, so much so, that if I saw the page of a book, I would recollect each word of it along with page numbers and now I can’t even recall the name of the book that I last read.

I start crying, my husband hears my sobs and consoles me, it happens honey he says, let’s have a candle light dinner. What Candles??  We eat our meals in the dim illumination of the neighbour’s light. Chalo Matar paneer pe concentrate karte hai (Let’s concentrate on the matar paneer).


Now if I keep forgetting things then house management would definitely become a painful journey. So what’s the solution? Shall I become Ghajini (Inspired by the Bollywood movie where the Protagonist forgets everything and starts tattooing his body) I imagined myself as Miss Ghajini with electricity bill tattooed on my forehead and then thanked God someone invented POST IT.  Who did that? Did that person face a similar situation like me? I called on our friendly neighbourhood Google-God who answers all my queries without any Tapasya (meditation) for it. It’s just a keyboard away.

I found that Arthur Fry co- invented it and that too by mistake. Amazing Huh! People invent things by mistake and look at me I don’t even remember what mistake I made and why am I searching for a random guy called Fry.  I was going to sink into sulking and self-pity mode but then decided to appreciate others and use the post it (finally I remember why I was searching him).

So the solution is POST IT, and now I use it generously. My house is filled with them. These tiny yellow (why yellow ?, I’ll leave that for another time) pieces of paper are a saviour in your day to day life.  I also use whiteboard, notepads, the Evernote app, and sticky notes on desktop. But the idea is to write…everything, so keep writing.

Hey did I tell you these POST-IT are also a good aid to maintain a relationship and helps you to inculcate good habits. Well, when I get angry with my husband, I write on the white board that I am angry and he has to reply back “I AM SORRY” (This is the standard answer because it’s always his mistake, wife is always right).

Do you want to make a change in your life, Write “I LOVE U” and post it near the bed of your loved one and see the magic next morning? Don’t believe me, POST IT.

Lesson of the day:

Write,write and write

or else life becomes a fight

Small notes,post-it here and there

would save you from nightmare!!

And yes please do POST your comments here.