Am I a celebrity now – Maybe!


Have I become a celebrity? Oh Yes !! At least after seeing this Video shoot for houseparty by Team Plattershare you would think I have. Even if you don’t think, At least I do. Hey Guys, How are you? It has been long, really long ever since I wrote anything and do you know the reason I forgot that my blog exists and suddenly one day one of my friends said that she read my blog post. Memories flashed back like Bollywood movies and I came running and started typing in haste because I had a very good topic to share – my first video shoot.

When Life becomes exciting and things seem to happen the way you thought, you want to let the world know and Here, I felt like sharing my happiness to all of you!!

Recently My Team – Plattershare got a chance to shoot a video and we felt like celebrities and enjoyed the most. All Posing  and saying I can’t do it but still want to be in front of the camera (Please agree everyone wants to pose and pout in front of camera even if they don’t know how to pout) and thought that next film fare award would go to them 🙂 and then that speech of Thank you ma, Thank you Pa – it’s because of you (of course it’s because of their serious efforts that you are here walking on this earth)

This video is about all of you, me and all our friends who have laughed, cried and sang with us together. Plattershare associated with Cookifi  – who are specialty chefs and would come to cook for any house party.

Check out the first scene where I lit a candle, this was the most sophisticated way to light the candle. Every day when I lit the candle, it’s a usual affair and candle is lit in one go but for the first time my cameraman Karthik (sounds so cool – Cameraman) held the candle in his hand and they asked me to light it when they say go and I had to light it literally 5 times before the candle actually lit as shown in video.  Perfect shot


Opening the door was another funny incident where my guest kept knocking the door and I hugged them for almost several times before it was a perfect shot. It was a crazy 4-hour shoot before we can make a 2:48 min video. Each second counts in this video. But loved the experience as I felt I was living a Bollywood live for few hours (My hidden childhood desire)

Ok now planning to come up with more video shoots like this, If you want me to see in a new avatar do let me know which one (Anything related to food) and if you want to host a dream party like this where you don’t have to worry about food – The biggest hassle anyone faces, when organizes a house party then participate in this contest and win a party for 5 absolutely free of cost from Cookifi.

Here is our Video hope you will also have a party soon like us.