My everyday success depends on her!

img_20170225_105415She is the reason behind my everyday success and if she doesn’t turn up one day my whole schedule goes for a toss. No clients call, no write ups and no social media activity for the simple reason – my maid has not turned up today. But don’t worry I am not going to crib and curse her, rather I would say I miss her (Sometimes back I wrote about it) and appreciate her because she takes care of the heap of utensils lying in the sink so that I can happily sip a cup of coffee and share a positive post every day on Plattershare and Facebook. I appreciate her work because she does the same job every day with the same enthusiasm and keeps my house clean and tidy. I have got a lot of appreciation that my house is so well maintained and  I would love to share the credit with her. Now please don’t say that I am the lucky one. There is a relationship or rather a bond which my maid and I have developed over last 4 years. Initially, she used to not show up without informing me, but now she feels guilty when she has to do that, even if it is for a day. This is not because I am lucky, but it’s because I am there when she needs me and now she has developed that sense of responsibility and she understands that I need her.

So today, when my maid who cleans up the house, did not turn up as she told me that she needs a day off so that I am well prepared; my cook (yes I have a cook as I am not a superwomen and cannot handle everything and I need a system around me to get going), did the dishes without even asking me to do so. Now I can’t be so lucky, right?. It’s just that I have learned to be there for them when they really need me and that reciprocates. This is the bond of caring and understanding which has developed.

Today is Shivratri and I wanted to celebrate it in the true essence and follow what Adiyogi Shiva symbolizes for – Break your EGO, which unfortunately we all have. I went to Chandrakala’s house (my maid – prefer to address her by her name) and she served me yummy, simple and delicious rasam, sambhar, rice, papadam, and vada because food has no boundary.


Anything which is served with love, emotions, and respect should be accepted and I went to break the boundary, to break my ego. Please note when I am sharing this experience with all of you, I am not trying to show off that how great I am (lot of people  would think that it’s just a show off) but by doing so  I am trying to learn to be a better human being and spread the message that world is a beautiful place.

On the lighter note: “there are so many memes about how a woman can live without her husband for few days but not her maid and I am in the same category 🙂