Kirti Yadav Misra

Kirti Yadav is a founding member of Plattershare, a complete food networking website, I am  a die hard foodie and love to prepare something exotic or try out new place but when I have guests coming in my house this is what I feel.

“OMG !! Guests are coming and I run to check every corner of my home to make sure its perfect. When someone says your home is so perfect, my face starts blushing and I praise my self in heart  but managing home, kitchen, kids ( 5 months old daughter and 30 year old husband ) and having “me time” is a challenge and hence I stumbled on this nameHurryHomeHurry” which also sounds like “HariOmHari” which is a devotional song in Indian culture. Through this blog I would like to share my small and big experiences of home management”.