Am I not educated now? ..Yes, I left my job.

I call myself highly educated (have a few degrees to hang on my Social media profiles), well deserved with a rewarding career and suddenly I decide to quit everything because I have to… Continue reading

I miss her – My maid

A home without a maid … Can you imagine? Issue #1 Maids – “Most admired in dreams” Rarest spices of all, very difficult to find and that’s why we always have a hidden… Continue reading

The Magic Rolling Pin – A True Inspiration

Jugnu loves to cook & with his golden belan, he makes perfect round rotis. All his friends envy and mock at him. One day Jugnu loses his golden belan and he thinks he can never cook… Continue reading

Kitchen Calling !!!

I felt great! I know so many recipes and give random cooking tips to my friends who think I cook very well, read food magazines, have joined various food networking groups on FB… Continue reading